Script Reader will simplify your life of reading scripts, and enhance the amount of scripts you finish in a year. Whether you’re an intern trying to catch up on scripts while driving to the office, an Actor who doesn’t have a roommate to rehearse

lines, or an on the go CEO you know the difficulties of always having too many scripts to read.

Script Reader is an app made for iOS users to listen to their scripts on the go, specifically designed to understand all the mechanics of how a screenplay should be read, so you’ll have no trouble taking in the content while you’re moving about

your day. Script Reader allows you to import PDF scripts or books from your email into the application, reformatting the script into an easy to follow along format, and allowing you to play the script out loud, through your headphone, or bluetooth.

Whether you’re in the car or at your desk, Script Reader will enhance the amount of scripts you read, while simplifying the experience. Now available for iOS download in the app store.


Import PDF files from your email and formats them for easy reading 

Designed to ensure the script is read out loud in the most professional format. Takes into account appropriate Pauses, Pacing, and Abbreviations, and excludes irrelevant notations.





  • Play and Pause your script at anytime. Leave the app and return to your script at a later time and Script Reader will pick up right where you left off.

  • Fast Forward or Rewind your script by 1/3 page increments.

Stores all your scripts in one easy to access library